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Day 1404: Ringing the Bell and Moving On

Day 1404: Ringing the Bell and Moving On, after 4 years of cancer we finally feel ready to move on.

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Day 1135: 100 Days Left of Treatment

As of today we have 100 days left of treatment. 1135 days ago getting to this point felt unreachable. But here we are, on the home straight.


Day 743: 126 Days of Silence

I haven’t written since we hit the half way point 126 days ago. The gaps between my posts have been increasing and so has the silence.

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Day 127: Waiting Game

What they don’t tell you when you get the C diagnosis is there is a lot of waiting. Cancer is a continuous waiting game. The day Bilbo was diagnosed felt like the longest day...

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Day 118: Living Our Best Life London’s Calling

Today has been PHENOMENAL, Bilbo and I have had the most wonderful day out in London – i’m buzzing and it has pushed cancer to the back of all our minds.

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Day 88: Gratitude

When we see the facebook pictures of you giving blood, the donations coming in I know that we are loved. Bilbo is loved. And with that love we are going to fight this bastard cancer.

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My Other Son…

I’ve been wanting to write something for a while now about my other son. The one who doesn’t have Leukaemia. His name is Harrison and he’s 2 and a half years old. As the brother of a child with cancer, he is suffering too.