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Family Vacations Are The Gifts To Kids That Keep On Giving…Challenge Accepted

Family Vacation: Gifts To Kids That Keep On Giving

Late last year Rich and I talked about how we could get the most out of the 2017 vacation days. In 2016 I could afford to be a lot more flexible as I was on maternity and Rich had an extra 2 weeks of paternity leave. Fast forward to 2017 and we’re back to our allocated 30 days.

The boys are both in nursery and it closes at Christmas for 2 weeks. The quandary is this, do we stay at home and enjoy all the Christmas trimmings…or do we jump on a plane and head for somewhere warm or cold but somewhere.

In 2015 we headed off to Lanzarote the day after boxing day and enjoyed a little winter sun for New Year (actually I was tucked up in bed at 10pm the delights of morning sickness taking its toll) but the weather isn’t guaranteed (although we did get lucky) and H is still under the age of 2 so we’d be mad not to take full advantage of not having to pay a full fare.

And then this article popped up in my inbox…

Family Vacations Are The Gifts To Kids That Keep On Giving

“Instead of buying your kid the latest and greatest [insert the trendy toy here], a tip: stash that money in a vacation fund. Turns out, family getaways have a long-lasting impact on kids’ happiness. Win-win”.

So this year the piles of Christmas presents are being replaced with a suitcase and our passports and the world is our oyster, let the adventures begin.

And we did just that in 2017:

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