godberstravel, #Donate4Bilbo, Bilbo, childhoodcancer, cancer, leukemia, CLICSargent, giveblood, gofundme, Bilbo's Journey, #bilbosjourney
Bilbo's Journey

How my child was diagnosed with leukaemia

This is the story of how my child was diagnosed with leukaemia and the start of our new journey.

godberstravel, #Donate4Bilbo, Bilbo, childhoodcancer, cancer, leukemia, CLICSargent, giveblood, gofundme, Bilbo's Journey, #bilbosjourney
Rocking his Choose Love t-shirt at the Brexit protest last Saturday


On Friday morning I raced home from the airport to return in time to take Bilbo to school and H to nursery. Bilbo looked tired.

I picked Bilbo up at 3:30 pm. He wanted to ride his bike to the shop, and we got to the end of the road – he was tired. But he ate pizza and carrot sticks and went to bed cuddling me.

Rich and I settled in for the night to watch Stand Up to Cancer I love the celebrity gogglebox. I completed life admin, like booking our Santa visit and ordering the boys Christmas presents (a new tablet each) and sobbed at the stories of kiddies fighting cancer.


On Saturday I lost my shit at Bilbo because he complained he was “bored” whilst shopping. The whinge turned to tears and he said his back hurt, I abandoned the shops. Bilbo slept the whole way home and then another hour on the sofa.


On Sunday Bilbo napped on the sofa whilst his brother napped upstairs, he got too cold at Bedford Oasis to enjoy the flume rides he’s now old enough to use.

I phoned 111, and they said to see your doctor on Monday for some blood tests.

Monday (Day 0)

On Monday we walked H to nursery. Bilbo came home and slept on the sofa for an hour and a half.

The doctor referred us immediately to the Pediatric Assessment Unit in MK.

The doctor at the hospital put in a cannula and took blood.

I told them about the growing number of bruises Bilbo had, the small but regular nose bleeds he’d had this week, I explained his fatigue – I repeated he was a very healthy rarely ill little boy. He’s only had antibiotics once when he had scarlet fever.

Rich and my mum agreed Rich would stay with Harrison and mum would come and sit with me and Bilbo.

Hi blood results had come back, and I was taken into a room. 2 doctors and a nurse – talked of odd blood results. I was trying to keep up, and I was trying to recall biology. Things are unusual…red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets…

“Should I be worried?” I asked.

“Too early to say, but we’re talking to specialists at Oxford.”

I left Bilbo with my mum and went home to Rich, we packed stuff, fetched stuff and we made a plan for the next few days. I showered and took a cab back to the hospital. In my head, I thought he’d be fine – it’s just an infection. Some antibiotics would make him better.

Your child has leukaemia.

I arrived at MK, and the doctor took me to the room again. He looked at me, and I stared back. Then, he said, “We think it’s leukaemia.”

I felt nothing – my mouth was dry. I said the words back to him, “Leukemia?!? Are you sure”

And that was how my child was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Of course, with everything he explained, they needed to test the blood further to explain more and inform the next steps. But right now the plan was to head to Oxford.

Bilbo was in and out of sleep; he was tired, and it was 11 pm.

I phoned Rich and shared the update, phoning people and sharing our shit news is something I’m all too familiar with now. My mum and I tried to keep it together whilst we got ready to move.

Ambulance Ride

We were blue-lighted to Oxford – our ambulance crew nurse and doctor were fantastic. Respect to the driver who chatted the whole way and kept me from sobbing.

They say nothing prepares you for this, it doesn’t! They say everyone behaves or acts differently, they do!

I can tell you now some of what has gone through my head is insane and makes no sense. But hey, ho, it is what it is.

We’ve begun to tell close friends and family. I’ve let my work colleagues know; it is only at this moment in this madness that I realise how many people love and care about us.

And so it is for this reason that I’m going to hijack our travel blog and update it with our story, our updates and our journey. We may not be travelling very far for a while but so many people want to know how Bilbo is, how we are and what happens next.

What we know so far:

  • He has ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)
  • It was caught as early as possible
  • We are in the very best possible hands
  • There is a  long road ahead – it’s going to be hard on everyone in our circle but it’s going to be hardest on Bilbo
  • He will start chemo tomorrow

Our advice for family and friends:

  • Talk to us
  • Ask us questions and don’t feel like you’re bothering or asking silly questions.
  • Don’t google leukaemia…Bilbo’s journey, treatment and experience will be personal to him so Google isn’t going to give you the answers, our team of doctors will so please ask us and we can ask our experts.
  • Don’t be afraid – we’ve got this, we’re strong and will be there for Bilbo every step of the way! And he’s fricking awesome, and right now, he’s taking it all in his stride and with a big smile on his face. We’ve never been more proud.
Peppa Pig magazine from Grandad was a great distraction.
Bilbo loves the hospital food, this was very yummy macaroni and cheese.
Betsy the dinosaur is keeping him company
Enjoying the playroom, especially the crafts.
Managed to trick or treat around the ward.


godberstravel, #Donate4Bilbo, Bilbo, childhoodcancer, cancer, leukemia, CLICSargent, giveblood, gofundme

We’ve started a campaign in Bilbo’s name: #Donate4Bilbo 

We’re asking people to donate blood or donate money to Clic Sargent.

44 Comments on “How my child was diagnosed with leukaemia

  1. Kim, sending love to Bilbo, you and the family. -Katherine

  2. Kim, sending much love to Bilbo, you and the entire family. -Katherine

  3. All my love and thoughts and prayers, Kim and Richard.

  4. Wow, a journey you never expected!! Bilbo’s got this!! I am a true fan and with God’s blessing he will pull through!! Kim, Rich and H, you are all in my prayers! GO BIBLO!! YOU GOT THIS!!!❤️

    1. Thanks Maddy we welcome your cheers and prayers! X

    1. I’m sure there is some dark humour in there somewhere about my blog stats going through the roof, of course my SEO is out the window this is from the heart. But not what I had in mind for motivating me to write properly 🙁 Your travels look amazing minus the dirty bus!

  5. So shocked to hear this. Irina and I will help in anyway we can – zero-notice babysitting, play dates, shopping, money, anything, just ask. Love Justin, Irina, and Alex.

    1. Thanks Justin – seeing friendly faces on the street will be enough for us!!

  6. We’re thinking of you all from over here in Aus.

  7. Thanks for the update of the journey Bilbo is on so far. Very moving indeed. Much love to you all. Auntie Jane xxx

  8. Thanks for sharing this, and sending you all the best vibes. Will keep on reading this blog. Lots of love xx

  9. His gorgeous smile could melt the coldest of hearts. Lots of love to you and if you need anything please let me know. xox

  10. Thinking of you all lots of love Jo Steve and girls xxxxxx

  11. What a lovely young man. All will be well. Thinking of you.

  12. Kim, thinking of you all and wishing you the best of luck on the road ahead. Tom

  13. Thinking of you all. Good luck on the road ahead.
    Elaine and Tom xxxx

  14. Lovely Kim – Sending you all lots of love and wishing your little man a speedy recovery

  15. Oh Kim, I wish you and your family strength for the journey ahead. Bilbo is so lucky to have you and Rich as parents; you’re doing an amazing job of navigating this path so far. I’ll continue to read your updates and send you lots of love from afar xx

  16. Hi Kim – I cannot comprehend what you must all be going through! My thoughts and wishes are with you! Bilbo looks like a strong little boy and you have caught this early so he WILL get better! Do let me know if there is anything at all that I can help with!

  17. Hi Kim – I cannot comprehend what you must all be going through! My thoughts and wishes are with you. Bilbo looks a tough and strong little boy and he will get through this (you say that it has been caught early so that is good news). If there’s anything at all that I can help with (I know from a distance!) then do shout! Much much love. Carol x

  18. After wiping away the tears I can’t believe what I am reading. I am so sorry that Bilbo is poorly!!! Our Jack has just turned 2 years old and I cannot imagine the mixed emotions you are going through!!!
    Bilbo is such a gorgeous little boy that will find the strength to fight this and keep going.
    From our family to yours we give you all our love and strength. Xxx

  19. When words can’t describe my feeling after reading through your blog, I feel sad for you and your family. Whish you the strenght needed to deal with this. In thoughts with you. Big hug from Belgium.

  20. Kim, Bilbo is a gorgeous boy and I will be praying for a speedy recovery. Sending all of my thoughts and prayers to you, your family and Bilbo. You are handling this with so much strength and grace. Rachel

  21. Fu@k cancer, Bilbo you beautiful young man – kick it’s arse – you have the prayers and warm wishes of Mum’s colleagues all around the world

  22. Kim,

    Finally plucked the courage to read this, and as expected am tearful. Very. we always talk about our kids. They are our life, hey. So this is simply heartbreaking. But I am amazed at your sheer strength to be open, and frank about whats currently happening. Selfishly that makes it easier for others. Bilbo is a credit to you and Rich. Stay in touch with updates and remain positive. xxxxx

  23. Kim, just wow. I can’t even imagine. Thank you so much for sharing the details, and although therapeutic for you at times, I’m sure it so hard to put it in to words- makes it even more of a reality. Bilbo is so lucky to have such a wonderful support system. That smile of his… just beautiful! Hang in there, be strong but know it’s ok to be weak and angry and scared. We’ve got your back!

    Laura Strattan
    (your Pearson coworker in the US thinking of Bilbo every moment)

  24. Kim, Stay strong and keep smiling your energy and positivity will do wonders ! If there is anything I can do to help just say … ANYTHING.. Hugs to your gorgeous Bilbo !

    Nicky xx

  25. Gail Clarke (Pearson coworker in the US) says:

    Sending love and healing prayers from New Jersey, USA. Bilbo is such a sweet, cute boy and little H is adorbs!
    Stay strong!


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