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  1. katherine evans says:

    Kim, sending love to Bilbo, you and the family. -Katherine

  2. katherine evans says:

    Kim, sending much love to Bilbo, you and the entire family. -Katherine

  3. Fathima says:

    All my love and thoughts and prayers, Kim and Richard.

  4. Maddy says:

    Wow, a journey you never expected!! Bilbo’s got this!! I am a true fan and with God’s blessing he will pull through!! Kim, Rich and H, you are all in my prayers! GO BIBLO!! YOU GOT THIS!!!❤️

    • godberstravel says:

      Thanks Maddy we welcome your cheers and prayers! X

  5. Alyson Long says:

    What can I say? This sucks. Any help I can give, I will.

    • godberstravel says:

      I’m sure there is some dark humour in there somewhere about my blog stats going through the roof, of course my SEO is out the window this is from the heart. But not what I had in mind for motivating me to write properly 🙁 Your travels look amazing minus the dirty bus!

  6. Justin says:

    So shocked to hear this. Irina and I will help in anyway we can – zero-notice babysitting, play dates, shopping, money, anything, just ask. Love Justin, Irina, and Alex.

    • godberstravel says:

      Thanks Justin – seeing friendly faces on the street will be enough for us!!

  7. Michael & Dee says:

    We’re thinking of you all from over here in Aus.

  8. Jane Andrews says:

    Thanks for the update of the journey Bilbo is on so far. Very moving indeed. Much love to you all. Auntie Jane xxx

  9. Amy Swain says:

    Thinking of you all today xxxx

  10. FATIHA says:

    Thanks for sharing this, and sending you all the best vibes. Will keep on reading this blog. Lots of love xx

  11. Rilla says:

    His gorgeous smile could melt the coldest of hearts. Lots of love to you and if you need anything please let me know. xox

  12. Jo hazzard says:

    Thinking of you all lots of love Jo Steve and girls xxxxxx

  13. Charles Acquah says:

    What a lovely young man. All will be well. Thinking of you.

  14. Tom Waldron says:

    Kim, thinking of you all and wishing you the best of luck on the road ahead. Tom

  15. Elaine Chalk says:

    Thinking of you all. Good luck on the road ahead.
    Elaine and Tom xxxx

  16. Cindy says:

    Lovely Kim – Sending you all lots of love and wishing your little man a speedy recovery

  17. Carmen says:

    Oh Kim, I wish you and your family strength for the journey ahead. Bilbo is so lucky to have you and Rich as parents; you’re doing an amazing job of navigating this path so far. I’ll continue to read your updates and send you lots of love from afar xx

  18. Carol says:

    Hi Kim – I cannot comprehend what you must all be going through! My thoughts and wishes are with you! Bilbo looks like a strong little boy and you have caught this early so he WILL get better! Do let me know if there is anything at all that I can help with!

  19. Carol says:

    Hi Kim – I cannot comprehend what you must all be going through! My thoughts and wishes are with you. Bilbo looks a tough and strong little boy and he will get through this (you say that it has been caught early so that is good news). If there’s anything at all that I can help with (I know from a distance!) then do shout! Much much love. Carol x

  20. Michaela Feeley says:

    After wiping away the tears I can’t believe what I am reading. I am so sorry that Bilbo is poorly!!! Our Jack has just turned 2 years old and I cannot imagine the mixed emotions you are going through!!!
    Bilbo is such a gorgeous little boy that will find the strength to fight this and keep going.
    From our family to yours we give you all our love and strength. Xxx

  21. When words can’t describe my feeling after reading through your blog, I feel sad for you and your family. Whish you the strenght needed to deal with this. In thoughts with you. Big hug from Belgium.

  22. Rachel Brujis says:

    Kim, Bilbo is a gorgeous boy and I will be praying for a speedy recovery. Sending all of my thoughts and prayers to you, your family and Bilbo. You are handling this with so much strength and grace. Rachel

  23. Tim says:

    Fu@k cancer, Bilbo you beautiful young man – kick it’s arse – you have the prayers and warm wishes of Mum’s colleagues all around the world

  24. Danielle says:


    Finally plucked the courage to read this, and as expected am tearful. Very. we always talk about our kids. They are our life, hey. So this is simply heartbreaking. But I am amazed at your sheer strength to be open, and frank about whats currently happening. Selfishly that makes it easier for others. Bilbo is a credit to you and Rich. Stay in touch with updates and remain positive. xxxxx

  25. Laura Strattan says:

    Kim, just wow. I can’t even imagine. Thank you so much for sharing the details, and although therapeutic for you at times, I’m sure it so hard to put it in to words- makes it even more of a reality. Bilbo is so lucky to have such a wonderful support system. That smile of his… just beautiful! Hang in there, be strong but know it’s ok to be weak and angry and scared. We’ve got your back!

    Laura Strattan
    (your Pearson coworker in the US thinking of Bilbo every moment)

  26. Nicole Kyriacou says:

    Kim, Stay strong and keep smiling your energy and positivity will do wonders ! If there is anything I can do to help just say … ANYTHING.. Hugs to your gorgeous Bilbo !

    Nicky xx

  27. Nicki says:

    Just sending so much love and prayers for bilbo. From Ruan (and his family) x

  28. Gail Clarke (Pearson coworker in the US) says:

    Sending love and healing prayers from New Jersey, USA. Bilbo is such a sweet, cute boy and little H is adorbs!
    Stay strong!


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