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Day 1135: 100 Days Left of Treatment

As of today we have 100 days left of treatment. 1135 days ago getting to this point felt unreachable. But here we are, on the home straight.


Day 1072: October The Month Where It All Began

Today is Bilbo’s birthday, every extra year we have with him is a gift we never take for granted. October is also the month where it all began.

Bilbo and Harrison 1

Day 1024: Another Two Months Ticked Off and Covid

Day 1024: Another Two Months Ticked Off and Covid. 64 days ago when I asked for help. We were drowning. I was drowning. I am pleased to be able to share it no longer feels like that, despite Covid.

cancer wall 8

Day 929: Cancer Wall Again

Bilbo has been on treatment for 929 days that is a 3rd of his life and we still have 306 days to go. Bilbo is really struggling, we are all struggling. We have hit the cancer wall again.


Day 883: 500k steps from Milton Keynes to Devon

On the 1st March, we did it! We drove the 216 miles from Milton Keynes to Brixham, Devon. And now we can officially call this home.

Last visit to Kamran Ward 6

Day 825: Cruel Cancer Side Effects

I’ve finally sat and written this post because the whole point of this blog was to help me. To share our story when I couldn’t face repeating it over and over. I owe it to myself to let it all out.


Day 743: 126 Days of Silence

I haven’t written since we hit the half way point 126 days ago. The gaps between my posts have been increasing and so has the silence.