Day 825: Cruel Cancer Side Effects

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6 Responses

  1. Heather Kidby says:

    Kim, Bilbo, Rich and Harrison, I’m sending you the warmest hug! All of you, especially Bilbo are such warriors. You inspire all of us with your hope, bravery, patience and love for each other! All the best for all of you. Keep going, you’ll win this battle together! 🌞💕⭐️💎 Much Love, Heather xx

  2. Karen says:

    So sad to read all this, but know how getting it out there can help. I wish so much it was easier for all of you. Sending good karma and better luck as you move forward. You and your family are a study in courage – Karen

  3. Staph Aureus is a horrible, horrible thing. D got it regularly when he was in school (briefly). It’s common and highly contagious in the tropics. Sometimes he gave it to his baby brother at home. He’d be wrapped up like a mummy in bandages, on super strong antibiotics. I used to have to give him a sedative. It was only when he finally gave it to me that I knew how painful and debilitating it was. It made me really unwell and the whole area hurt.I had it on my cheek. I don’t envy you all having to deal with that, on top of everything else, one bit. Will you all be first in line for the vaccine? Most of our elderly relatives in the UK have had theirs now.

  4. Sharon Sawford says:

    Oh Kim, it’s so hard to imagine what it must be like and I feel awful when I say I don’t want to. I feel like crying but that won’t help you , Rich, Bilbo or Harrison. Trying hard to know what to say to you , thinking of you is easy to say and genuinely meant but isn’t enough. Xxx

  5. Tia Finn says:

    Hey Kim, I spotted this on Linked In, which I’m hardly ever on these days. And I’m glad I did, I often think of you and Bilbo and your family. And I’m in awe of how you are navigating so much. Of course you’re not ‘fine’. When it’s your child, no matter what is going on, you are not fine. When you have to support treatment that is so brutal, it is brutal to you as well, but it’s what you do because it is to save the one you love. I cannot know what this feels like,for you but I can understand the exhaustion of caring for this kind of extreme illness in a child. I hope you find some relief in knowing how much your journey has moved so many, and created awareness of what the parents of sick children truly experience. Sending you wishes for better days ahead, lots of healing and the comfort of friends around you.

  6. Karrie O'Connor says:

    Kim, we’ve not been in touch for many years and I looked you up to see if you’d like to catch up and connect again, but was drawn to your blog and am now torn apart by all you’re beautiful family is going through. As you say, take life one day at a time. You sound like an amazing mum and I’m sure you’re bringing lots of comfort to your lovely little boy in ways you probably can’t imagine. Sending you and your family lots of love.

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