Day 499: Coronavirus (Covid19)

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3 Responses

  1. Alyson Long says:

    Thinking of you. I have very elderly relatives, 3 of them. And my dad nurses my mum, she’s helpless. They’re at the end of their lives but for little ones… ugg.
    And then I read the local paper ( South Wales Argus) where they asked your ” man on the street” what precautions they were taking … nothing. Not even doing a decent job of washing their hands. Most people have no idea how to wash their hands properly, nor how much contamination comes from surfaces. It’s nuts. Simple things like that protect everyone.
    They’re not even testing for it here. Everyone has chesty things and fevers. We’ve already had it. But they’re not testing. Probably can’t.
    I’m not worried for us at all. But a lot of vulnerable people will die and the NHS will be on its knees, people will lose incomes. We’ve already lost ours.
    But as you say, not much you can do about it.
    Wishing you well.

    • godberstravel says:

      Thanks Alyson – I worry for the vulnerable, Bilbo at least has a fast pass to the ward, but for how long who knows? And Rich and I both have elderly grandparents. I think we’ll get through this but I fear it will be worse if people don’t make an effort to listen to the experts!

  2. Kelly Healey says:

    What an amazingly positive family! Love to you all xxx

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