Day 371: Taking Back Control

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  1. Alyson Long says:

    Was it Xanax? A Doctor gave me that. I took one or two – they were lovely – before seeing a better doctor who told me to bin them or I’d be addicted. I had anxiety and it was bad. Health anxiety as you describe, running to the doctor over every lump, bump and insignificant nothingness. Panic attacks, not being able to breathe, reflux. I’ve probably told you before what the wise doctor told me – ” You’re a clever woman, you’ll find a way to fix this.” He was right, sort of. Exercise, of course helps but for me it just numbs the pain. Sure I feel better when I’m running, I love being slim, but it doesn’t / didn’t take away the problems. I went travelling. That fixed it. My business – my website- fixes a lot too. When things are on the up and money flowing in. But take that away and I think underneath I’m still miserable and anxious. It’s all just stuff to take your mind off it. Thanks for that perimenopause, you’re the best. It started around age 40 for me. Get well soon.

    • godberstravel says:

      She didn’t even get as far as suggesting a type it was just “shall we get your a prescription” i’m not anti medication, I know it a legitimate way for some people to get better. However to not even ask about anything else family support network, am I exercising, what is my diet like etc. seems a bit slap dash and defitist to me. I’m glad I didn’t take the drugs. I need to work on myself and I know it will take a while but I will get there.

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