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Day 349: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of writing at length about our amazing holiday to Ibiza I have decided to share some of my favourite pictures.

I wrote before we left about why Ibiza is so important to us: What is so special about Ibiza?

Ibiza 2019

Ibiza was everything we needed it to be and more. I am so grateful that it was able to happen without incident (if you don’t count me being stung by a jelly fish).

We were the Godber Family, we were the Godberstravel we weren’t the cancer family, Bilbo wasn’t the little boy with cancer.

Instead we were just an ordinary family, enjoying a beautiful holiday with our friends and family and making memories.

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To get to this point we’ve been to hell and back…even in the final 24hrs before we boarded it hadn’t been plain sailing, I had a cold and sore throat, H had snuffles and nanny had a cold! I’ve not dared to believe we’d make it, I kept waiting for the “something” Our taxi was the wrong size to take us to the airport, we had to get another one sent…would we get stuck in traffic? But it’s happened, we’re got on the plane! Ibiza we’re coming for you…this image marks a new beginning…fresh starts, a clean break!

Beautiful Ibiza

godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Morning Ibiza
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Dreamy Ibiza views

Pool Fun

godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Bilbo and Harrison have been dreaming about this pirate ship!
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Friends for life

Mini Disco Fun

godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
First attempt at a family photo!
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Introducing Uncle Tony to the mini disco!
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza, minidisco, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Mini Disco fun!

Getting a family photo – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Second attempt at a family photo…

Beach Fun

godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Beach buddies!
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Bilbo loved the big waves the beach had and really took to body boarding!!! We couldn’t get him out of the water!
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
H was more into trying it on dry land!
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
We’re on a bus, they held hands the WHOLE way!
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Pedalo Birthday Trip…

Last Night Vibes

godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza,
Third attempt at a family photo…
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Much easier taking a selfie with my mum!
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Ibiza Crew 2019 what a group of people to share the week with!!! Loved every minute (even when the kids whinged)
godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
20th attempt at a photo LOL

Birthday Boy

godberboys, godberstravel, ibiza
Bilbo turned 6! It was a day filled with high emotions, thinking back to next year when Bilbo was clearly starting to get poorly. I’m grateful we were given the opportunity to celebrate his life. And what a way to celebrate!

THANK YOU Ibiza you were everything and in particular thank you to the entire team Invisa Hotel Cala Blanca we can’t thank you enough for making our trip AMAZING!

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