Day 216: Goodbye Steroids

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  1. Ali Williams says:

    Your post brings to mind a quote from my cancer experiences … “Sometimes it’s okay if all you do today is just breathe. ”

    If only that was all you had on your plate for an entire day; as a mother of two boys, I know it’s never that simple. But, the concept is good. We don’t have to boil the ocean every day. The word “rollercoaster” just doesn’t even begin to describe the journey; in my opinion. I was either feeling like we were in the White House or the out-house; top of the mountain or pits of the earth … both had their own associated fears.

    Everything else I’ve tried to write after that sounds cliche or minimizing or like I have all the answers … which I don’t – not by a mile. So, I’ll end by saying: peace, my friend. Keep putting one foot ahead of the other and be kind to yourself.

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