Day 110: The Mother of All Meltdowns

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now. Bilbo sounds like such an amazing boy- what a shocking, traumatic & just hard thing for you all to be living through. Cancer is shit & I say that from personal experience.but I was 54 when I was diagnosed & not a wonderful innocent child.
    As you say, living in the cancer world & community can be tough. Too many reminders of the reality of the disease. I find that it has its positive sides too. Ive connected with so many amazing people over social media & in person. Again, I know it’s tough but please try not to beat yourself up- you’re doing your very best every day- love yourself & be kind to yourself when you can. I hope you all have a lovely break together. Sending Bilbo love and hugs for his continuing treatment & some for you too.

    PS. I’m liam’s wife & one of Sue Lacey’s very good friends. If you ever feel like it, check out my blog & you’ll see some of her photos.

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