Day 9,10,11 – Cancer we Hate You

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  1. Becky says:

    What a tough journey you guys are going through, so hard to read about how emotionally painful it is. It must be so very difficult to see your baby go through all the treatments, and so scary for him. I know you can’t fix things right now, but just being there for Bilbo even when perhaps he can’t be calmed is everything he needs, having his family right by him, holding him, and bringing some normality to this shocking experience you are all getting accustomed to. Keep doing the baby shark dances, keep letting the tears flow and keep looking after yourselves so you can stay strong. I hope the next four days have lots of happy moments and some down time for you all x x

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kim. I cannot imagine how difficult it is. Please be open about anything any of us can do. Much love to you and the family. ❤️

  3. Big Kim says:

    As a mum of three boys I can’t imagine how you must be feeling today / yesterday / tomorrow but I am in awe of your strength . Following your journey from your words is inspiring and Letting others know how to make just a small difference in such difficult times .
    I am a blood donor and tomorrow I will
    Be donating for Bilbo and also giving my first sample for platelet donation which I fit the category for .
    Your all doing amazing #f**kyoucancer !

  4. Justin says:

    There is no greater love than the love expressed in the defence of a child. And restraining Bilbo, forcing Bilbo, blocking out his screems etc. is what you must sometimes do. Bilbo will one day stand over your graves – with his children maybe – and weep with pride and thank you both for his life. He will tell you, “All I remember mummy and daddy is love”.

  5. Janine Matho says:

    I have been thinking of you and your family every day since I walked off a plane from London to the US and saw Madhur’s email. I am inspired by your bravery and honesty, and, as a mother, can only imagine your pain. Please know that you’re supported and loved and all of us who are your fans at work are here and willing to help and support you whatever you need. We will donate blood, platelets and more and help as we can. It’s a long road ahead and we will all be there by your side. Xx Janine

  6. Lydia says:

    I am crying anytime I am reading your lines. F**k cancer, this disease is horrendous. I can’t even imagine how distressing it must be to see your baby boy so poorly. I can’t give blood now but my partner is going to and I am telling your story around asking people to make a gesture. Stay strong Kim, with all your family. Thinking of you a lot Lydia

  7. Heather Cummings says:

    Kim- I’ve not thought deeply about the importance of donating blood until reading of Bilbao’s story. It has really resonated with me. I’ll be searching for places here in Albuquerque this week and going in. Love to you and your family, my friend. Give Bilbao a big hug and let him know though I’ve never met him, I’m all the way in Albuquerque, New Mexico thinking of him and of ways to help other kids just like him.

  8. Marion Higgins says:

    Kim, I’m so sorry to hear this news. Our little ones are the greatest gift life can give us and apart from a few grazed knees, we expect everything to go well. And then it doesn’t.

    I wish you were in Melbourne where we have an amazing children’s hospital and resources. So from what I’ve seen from family and friends with similar challenges, here’s what I would say to you:

    – Try mixing the tablets with honey or jam, not to disguise the taste but because they are slippery and will slide down more easily.
    – Here we have a couple of organisations that do special activities for children with cancer – Make a Wish and Starlight Foundation – I’m sure there will be an equivalent in the UK. Register with them so they can start looking for that fun thing Bilbo might be able to do and look forward to so that getting through the canula issues might be helped along.
    – I know it is early days but make sure you give yourself respite – you need to be rested and well to help Bilbo. And you all need to feel normal – having Mum hover is probably not normal. Not having coffee with your girlfriends is not normal either.
    – It’s a long journey, be patient, be positive and trust the strength of the human spirit to fight.

    All my love and good thoughts are with you Kim.

    Marion xx

  9. Lorraine McKay says:

    I have been thinking of you today. Life is so precious, give Bilbo a big hug and I will do the same with my daughter.

    Stay strong and do reach out if you need anything.

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