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Why we’re doing it?

Every parent’s worst nightmare is to lose a child. From the moment I knew that I was carrying life, I had the fear. I was one of the lucky ones, my two boys made it earth side and are growing into strong, happy, mischievous brothers.

But we’re more than aware that for some, the fear becomes their living nightmare.

We’ve been touched by a number of friends who’ve sadly experienced the loss of a baby. And in 2016 our best friends Tony and Sarah lost baby Erin at 39 weeks. Through the tragedy of losing Erin, Tony and Sarah have found strength through Joel the Complete Package charity . Both of them volunteer and Sarah has become co-chair.

Nothing prepares you for losing a baby and as friends you feel pretty helpless watching from the side lines. Over the last 2 years we’ve seen their highs and their lows. We’ve seen them blossom as parents to rainbow baby Ida and we’ve seen the pain not having Erin in their lives brings them.

The work Sarah and Tony are doing with Joel the Complete Package is nothing short of inspirational. Working with others they are supporting families through pregnancy and parenting after a loss.

What we’re doing?

And this is why Rich and I have decided to do 3 special challenges for Joel the Complete Package:

1. We are pledging to lose 28lbs each by 1st June 2019 (this one scares me the most)

2. We will be running the Milton Keynes Festival of Running – 10km on the 17th March 2019

3. We will be jumping out of a plane on 1st June 2019

How much are we raising?

To get us to the target of £2k we will be asking for sponsorship and running some fun events and activities for you to join in, to raise money.

Please help us to help Joel the Complete Package continue their important work and remember baby Erin.

What next?

Thank you so much for your support, for those that know Rich and I losing the weight will be much harder than the run or jumping out of a plane. We will keep you posted on our progress over the coming weeks and months.

We officially weigh in Monday 10th September and we have till the 1st June to reach our goal.

Even if you can’t donate we welcome your support and encouragement too!

Kim & Rich

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