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Essential Travel Items For Travel with Babies and Toddlers

Travel with small children is challenging, small children often come with a lot of “Stuff”. Over the years we’ve worked on reducing the stuff and only packing the essentials. This is a list of essential travel items for travel with babies and toddlers. 

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H loved his brothers headphones so much we’ve had to buy another pair.

We traveled to Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain and Belgium before our children were 1, these are the items I wouldn’t travel without:

Essential Travel Items for Travel with Babies

Make sure you’ve done your research with regard to milk. Most countries sell baby milk but the brands and types vary. I always pick up what I need from the airport. I breastfed both my boys until 10 months, but by the time we took a couple of our trips we had moved on to formula they weren’t fussy so it wasn’t to tricky for me but I worried about sterilising. Sterilising isn’t too taxing when you’re travelling if you are able to take these items with you.

Sterilising Essentials

The bags can be used in a microwave but I prefer cold sterilising with some milton tablets. I take two bags with me and re-use until the bag has a leak (i’ve never needed 2 but handy to have a back up)

If you prefer steam clean you just need a microwave. I also pack a little mini bottle of washing up liquid to clean the bottles and a bottle brush to give them a good scrub. 

Dotty Fish

I didn’t have these with Bilbo but i’m so glad I discovered them with H. H was a slow walker so when we headed off on holiday as he was starting to walk I knew the day time would be fine, barefoot all the way. But in the evening when you’re out for dinner and not sure what is on the floor (shards of glass, spilt drinks at the mini disco) they were fab for protecting delicate baby feet.

Reusable Swim Nappy

I tend to use swim nappies over and over on holiday (one of the reasons i’m a fan of beach pegs, see below) but sometimes it is wise to double wrap babies on holiday. Drinking more milk, or upset tummies can lead to unpleasant accidents. These swim nappies double seal so you don’t spoil everyone’s fun.

Splash About Babies Warm in One

When we travelled to Greece in May, the pool was FREEZING. This suite insulated our little podge when in the water, allowing for a little longer time playing in the pool.

Essential Travel Items for Travel with Babies and Toddlers

Check Bag for Pushchair

Pushchairs have all sorts of hangy bits to get court on conveyor belts. I highly recommend getting a check bag, it protects from rips and damage. It also makes it easier to transport on transfers. We like this bag as it has a good handle and is perfect for our umbrella style stroller on holiday, it is easier to transport and lightweight. We have the


The snoozeshade has been one of our best buys. I first brought it for Dominican Republic to provide shade and protection from mosquitoes. I spray it in homemade mosquito spray (lemongrass and water). It’s a breathable snoozeshade. It fits a single but stretchy enough for a double too. The shade can also hold water pretty well so we’ve also used it when it has rained. During winter months we’ve used it as a superb wind break.

Munchkin Grippy Dots

When we travelled to Dominican Republic our little toddler took his first steps. We had a beautiful tiled bathroom, no bath just a very slippery shower. After a few near misses, i’ve taken to packing these in our luggage. They stop slippery baths and the kids love playing with them they make a great frisbee.

Evecase ikiz

If you’re going to take a tablet get yourself a hardcore carry case. We love this one it is bright and hard wearing, the handle creates a hinge so you can prop it up and carry it easily.

Beach Towel Clips

If you only buy one thing BUY THESE! We bought them after Lanzarote (a very windy Island) and they kept towels on loungers, allowed us to hang the kids clothes to dry from the pool and on the washing line. The kids like playing crocodiles with them. When your kids are in and out of the pool with wet SPF suits the pegs allow you to dry things quickly. I re-use the disposable swim nappies over and over to try and limit our waste pegs allow me to dry these easily.

Lomo Mesh Gear Bag

We’ve had tonnes of beach bags, they’re often heavy and get full of sand. If you have kids you also end up dragging buckets and spades, goggles, float etc. This bag allows you to chuck it all in one bag and head off. The mesh allows the sand to fall through the holes. It is also fab for carrying all your wet gear back from the beach. It is so versatile we never leave home without it.

Essential Travel Items for Travel with Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

As toddlers and pre-schoolers our boys have been to Thailand, Ibiza, Canary Islands and many many UK trips these are some of the essentials for this age range:

Puddle Jumper

My boys never seemed to get on with arm bands, when they were younger they didn’t have the ability to be buoyant on their bodies and a rubber ring seemed like overkill. We were recommended the puddle jumper and it has been fab, we’ve recently bought a second one for H. Bilbo is nearly swimming but if we’re in deeper pools or in the sea he has to still wear it.

Disney Bath Toys

We love these bath toys, the bags is great for carrying other toys and they’re always a big hit with other children, the come in packs of six so it is always easy to work out if we’re missing any.

Bestgot Headphones

We didn’t find much need for headphones until the boys were over 1, they won’t keep them on, so the tablet is essential but it is unlikely you will get them to keep the headphones on. Once they are old enough these ones are great, very “child” proof so can take a kicking or a squash in the bag. Nice and big, adjustable and a long cable.


We’ve never taken one of these overseas, however for UK travel this is essential. Especially for the potty training days. It lives in our car and has been used so many times either as a potty (with the handy bags) or as a child toilet seat when we’ve been away. It is compact versatile and thoroughly worth investing in.


We love our trunki, it isn’t the biggest carry on bag but it is a real winner for a toddler who is no longer able to be carried in a sling. Airports are big and transfers can be long, if you plan on a lot of travel a tired toddler and no chance of getting your stroller is not fun.

Now Bilbo is bigger we’re thinking about upgrading to one of these bad boys, we tried it out at the airport and he loved it.

We hope you love travel with your smalls as much as we do and our essential travel items for travel with babies and toddlers might make your trip(s) even better. This blog does have affiliate links, if you use them we make a few pennies at no extra cost to you. I’ve only included items we’ve actually used during our travel.

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  1. Great list. Could have used a few of those in the past. Our youngest of 4 is now nearly 5 years old. Still think the pegs look really useful. Thanks for taking the time to put this list together.

    1. You’re more than welcome. I highly recommend the pegs, they are great for drying clothes, gathering up stuff and i’ve even used them to reseal snacks.

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