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Stuttgart with Kids

We chose to visit Stuttgart with Kids in April 2017. My brother has lived in Stuttgart for a few years and he kept telling us that Stuttgart would be a  great city to explore with the children. Stuttgart is a child-friendly location and here are our top tips:


Getting there

  • Drive – We looked into this but decided that the journey to Stuttgart with two small children was too far. If we were going to Stuttgart with kids for longer then we could have stopped on the way.
  • Fly – we had some British Airways miles to use up so we opted to fly from Heathrow. The flight time is about 1 hour 40 mins, and you fly directly into Stuttgart airport in the city’s south.
  • Transfers – you can travel from the airport into the city easily. Either by public transport see below or by taxi.

Car Seats

Germany has very strict rules about car seats. You can ask at the airport for information about borrowing a car seat for a taxi transfer or bring your own. Many taxis will refuse to take you without a car seat.

Public Transport

  • The public transport system makes Stuttgart with Kids easy.
  • The S-BAHN will take you straight into the city.
  • The subway is clean, efficient and cheap. We travelled with a pushchair, and most subway stations have easy access for pushchairs (and wheelchairs) and lifts to street level.

Make time for Ice Cream and People Watching

stuttgart godberstravel godberboys
Take time to people and watch and soak up the atmosphere.

No visit to Stuttgart with kids is complete without an ice cream stop. We chose to visit Gelateria Kaiserbau. The location is perfect for our favourite pastime – people-watching. We grabbed our tasty ice cream and sat on the steps of the square to watch the world go by. There are lots of places to watch people and street entertainment, it is a good way just to soak up the atmosphere and breath a city in.

Order a 1-meter-long Pizza


The funky L.A. Signorina is a few doors up from Gelateria Kaiserbau, famous for its meter-long pizzas. Our limited German and equally limited Italian made for an interesting combination. However, we decided the best thing to order was the “gemischte varianten.” To our delight, it was a meter of yumminess and something to suit everyone’s taste. We had an early dinner, but I’m told by my brother it is alive with people late into the evening.

Visit the Zoo



Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Gardens provide the setting for a great day out here are our tips:

  1. Travel by subway which drops you off right outside of the zoo
  2. You will likely be able to get around in half a day for adults. If you’re travelling in Stuttgart with Kids, you’ll likely need a full day.
  3. Pick out the animals your children want to see. It gets busy, but there are many nice viewing areas, so you can take some time out of the crowds and enjoy the animals.
  4. Take a picnic or, at the very least, take snacks. The food areas were busy with big queues.
  5. There are some nice park areas for the kids to climb and let off some steam.

Earn a Stein and take in the views


If you’re going to visit Tschechen & Sohne here are my tips:

  1. It is a long walk, either up a few hundred steps, OR you can walk the long way around. This is a consideration if you have small people with little legs. Luckily we had the pushchair and Uncle Gav’s shoulders.
  2. The view is worth whatever route you take.
  3. There is also a pretty cool park at the top of the hill too, in my experience the promise of a park is a great tactic for getting little legs to keep moving.

Take in the beautiful city

We spent a lot of the time we had in the city taking in the beautiful buildings and city vibe. We started at Schlossplatz which is central, you can easily walk from here to Neues Schloss.

Order a barrel of beer…

This might not be the most kid-friendly thing to do in Stuttgart, but you can certainly take children into the beer houses and their welcome. We visited Schönbuch Bräu Brauhaus. There is a full German menu, and we tried a little of everything across our party. I highly recommend arriving hungry. I’m not a beer drinker, but I’m told by our party the beer was good. Even Rufus the nursery bear got in on the action.

beer, godberstravel, godberboys, beer house
Rufus (the nursery bear) even tried the local beer.
Trying the local cuisine


Visit Jako-O

This is one of the coolest toy shops I’ve ever been to. It isn’t in your face like Hamley’s in London. It is full of all the things I like to buy more boys. THE BEST BIT – the store has great facilities for changing and feeding babies/toddlers. There is a great play area and SO many lovely toys. I was especially impressed with their wooden toy range it was just a shame there wasn’t enough space in my luggage.

Since my brother lives there we will definitely be back. We’ve only just scratched the surface of exploring Stuttgart with kids.


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