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Read for the Record it really was Quackers…

read_for_the_record, quackers, godberstravel, godberboys, literacy
Getting ready to head to Bilbo’s nursery to take part in Read for the Record 2017 – The book this year is Quackers by Liz Wong

Read for the Record it really was Quackers…

I’ve just returned from my very first Read for the Record experience and I had SO much fun. I chose to volunteer with my sons nursery class.

Bilbo is in pre-school so the children are a mix of 3 and a few early birthday 4 year olds. This years Read for the Record book is Quackers by Liz Wong

What is Read for the Record?

Read for the Record is the  world’s largest shared reading experience. Bringing together over 2 million people each year in classrooms, libraries, community centers, and homes across the US and UK. The annual campaign was launched over a decade ago. It highlights the importance of building early literacy and language skills for EVERY child.  To give all children the opportunity to enter school prepared to succeed.

Reading Quackers

My first task was to introduce the story. I was immediately told off because I was letting the children answer without putting their hands up. Nothing like being reprimanded by a 3 year old – oops!

I worked through the pages, asking questions and getting feedback. The children were sad for Quackers because he missed his friends. They were happy that he was able to live his life between the cats and the ducks in the end. They loved shouting out the answers. And everyone was super excited when I showed them how Quackers lives with Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck and then before I could finish they all shouted GOOSE! Not quite!  Our discussion covered, pets, food, brothers and sisters and if I was going to stay forever.

Quacker Activities

To continue the fun we planned an activity. We split the class into two groups. I took a small group to draw some pictures about the book. We had lots of children wanting to draw the duck and the pond. Some wanted to draw robots and my own little dino boy wanted to draw a T-Rex. I’ve included some of the artwork.

Art work from the class after reading Quackers

read_for_the_record quackers bilbo godberstravel godber boys
The Duck Pond
read_for_the_record quackers bilbo godberstravel godber boys
Quackers on the Farm
read_for_the_record quackers bilbo godberstravel godber boys
A Duck in the Pond
read_for_the_record quackers bilbo godberstravel godber boys
My version of Quackers, not sure i’m ready to give up the day job!

Thank you to Pearson for offering this magical moment my son and I won’t forget and thank you to Tippy Toes Nursery for having me.


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