Life Hacks for Working Mums: Online Food Shop Ocado





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Life Hacks for Working Mums: Online Food Shop Ocado

This week i’m introducing  Life Hacks for Working Mums sharing my Online Food Shop experience with Ocado.

This week i’m trialing Ocado the online food delivery service. As someone who isn’t shy about using my smartphone to plan, organise and manage my entire life I just haven’t caught the online shopping bug for food. I dabbled with it in London, it made sense I was living in a 3rd floor flat and had no car – it was a no brainer. But since moving to the suburbs we’ve not embraced the online delivery services.


Right now i’m  looking for ways to make life a little easier, work is busy and once again i’m letting my diet and fitness fall by the wayside because i’m not meal planning. So after a dabble using Hello Fresh (more on that later) we’re giving the online food shop a go.

Getting Started

They all give great introduction offers for your first shop. You can get £20 off your first order if you’re interested I can  send you a link and we’ll both get £20 off our shop drop me a comment or send me your email address.

I was able to book a next day delivery which was FREE because it was my first order.

Doing the shop

The first shop is going to take the longest. There is a handy tool to import other online shopping accounts so you can cut down on shopping time. The website was quick and everything I wanted was in stock except for courgettes, there were some great promotions and offers. There are some nice features where it suggests similar products, I like the fact it told me which promotions I hadn’t completed

At the end of the shop I was asked to choose a free gift; a tea towel or magnetic wipe clean shopping list. I opted for the shopping list.


ocado_shopping_list Ocado Free Meal Planner


I received an email and text message to confirm my order. Delivery Day I got a text to confirm my driver and van type, we were allocated the lemon van. Before the order arrived I was sent a PDF of the receipt. I was very impressed that my order was shown in order of use by date.


I missed the delivery because I was out running (yes I know, i’m back in the game) but i’m told everything was packed well and arrived as described.


I would use them again. If you’re clear about what you want, take advantage of offers and stick to what you need it is an efficient process it has saved me at least an hour and when every hour counts then it is worth it. If you like the shopping experience, you like to browse to touch and feel produce it probably isn’t for you.



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