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Ibiza with Kids – Top Ten Tips for Surviving the Party Island

Ibiza with Kids, we survived.  We had an amazing holiday, even better than I expected. Rich and I met in Ibiza so we were excited to share the magical Island with our boys.


Enjoying the beautiful Island of Ibiza

There is something tranquil and peaceful about Ibiza. I’m zen before I even get on the plane or maybe it is because I threw the rule book out of the window on this holiday and let everyone “have a break”.

Here are my top ten tips for surviving a week on the party Island, Ibiza with kids:

1.Book a package trip

Ibiza is not cheap. Villas require taxis or a car and budget hotels in the larger towns attract the party crowds. If you are flexible with your dates you can pick up some fantastic deals. We’re back in May 2018 and we’ve bagged a week in a TUI Magic Life in Cala Pada for £430 a person. This time round we stayed at Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa  in Playa d’en Bossa. We like this area because  it is close to Evissa (Ibiza Old Town) and only a 10mins transfer from the airport.

playa d'en bossa ibiza with kids GRAND PALLADIUM WHITE ISLAND RESORT & SPA
Gorgeous view across Grand Palladium White Island Playa d’en Bossa

2. Investigate the room options ahead of time

Your room can make or break your holiday. We ended up with a first floor room in our last holiday in Kos and it was a nightmare. Tripadvisor is great for getting the low down on the different rooms you can request. Work out what is important to you. Do you want to be on the ground floor or would you prefer a balcony? Do you want to have a pool view, near the bar, near the splash pool or in the quiet part of the hotel. We knew our kids would be in bed right after the mini disco. Our ground floor room tucked round the corner of the hotel was perfect for a week in Ibiza with kids, we had easy access to the bar but without the noise of the live music and guests in the bar.

bubbles Ibiza Jacuzzi Ibiza with kids
Enjoying the Jacuzzi bath in Ibiza

3. Ditch the transfer

A package holiday doesn’t need to feel like a package holiday. We ditched our hotel transfer (the airport is 10mins from Playa d’en Bossa and 10 euros in a cab). Let the rep know you’re taking the bus so they aren’t waiting for you (and delaying others starting their holiday) and go get that Ibiza with kids holiday started. There were no meetings trying to sell us excursions in fact we didn’t even see our rep during the holiday (fine by us).

4. Bring the essentials

Ibiza has supermarkets and pharmacies you don’t need to over pack. A couple of things that are essential because they are expensive (and most places abroad) sun tan cream – especially high factors and nappies, in particular swim nappies.

5. Children’s Entertainment

If you want to enjoy a meal (especially whilst watching that gorgeous Ibiza sunset) with a baby and toddler, pack things for them to play with. Our favourite is a blank plain notebook and some colouring pencils. Ideally pick the ones you don’t need to sharpen or pens (do not bring pens if you still have a baby) we feed our kids first, so inevitably they’re finished way before we are, so this kills some time and doesn’t involve screen time or running after them.

ibiza with kids drawing with kids tiger free hand
Drawing tigers over dinner


6. Screen time

I know lots of parent disagree with screen time or limit it. At home we do. On holiday we are a lot more flexible. Ibiza has been hot, especially froom 2-5pm the iPad and headphones have been a welcome distraction to get our 3 year old out the pool and in the shade. Screens are also great for the plane, for the airport when you’re delayed and when the options you’ve brought to the dinner table loose their shine. CBeebies apps and Kids YouTube are firm favourites.

ipad chill ibiza with kids sunlounger
Taking some time out of the afternoon sun

7. Meal Times

I’ve spent many an overseas trip stressing about what my children eat and don’t eat on holiday. Holiday food is different it looks different it tastes different and your kids appetite is going to be different. They will either want to eat everything in sight or the heat will make them less hungry. Little and often seems to work for us. We try and keep the same routine for meals. This is where the all inclusive package is worth its weight in gold. There is always something on offer. Two trips to breakfast has been a regular occurrence for us. Don’t be afraid to mix it up if that’s what works for you or stick to your normal routine if that gives your child security when you’re away from home.

8. Sleep

Well rested kids, makes everything on holiday easier. Make sure you pack the things your children like to have around them to go to sleep. That might be a comforter, cuddly toy, grow bag and/or bed time story etc. We relax the bed time and try for some additional naps or downtime during the day. My toddler is happier with down time rather than a nap, he likes to chill quietly with the TV or iPad.  The quality of the babies naps vary – the best ones are in the cot in the room with the a/c. By the pool in the shade leaves him sweaty and prone to being woken up before he’s ready.

9. Sun

Ibiza enjoys typical Mediterranean weather, it’s warm and the sun is strong. I always use factor 50 sun cream on the children and I apply it generously at least twice a day.  I make the kids wear hats and UV suits at the hottest part of the day.

shark shorts next matching ibiza with kids swimming swim shorts
Godber Boys Swimming in Ibiza

10. Want a great experience in Ibiza with Kids, go with the flow

Remember Ibiza is a party island and the party for some starts and ends at the airport. You can expect a rowdy crowd, but the fun is harmless and a sense of humour goes a long way.  If your kids are light sleepers you might want to investigate the quieter parts of the island. Ibiza with kids might not mean a stay in San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa for you.  Ibiza is a beautiful island full of beautiful and kind people. Try and support the locals where possible and take some time to frequent the local bars and restaurants. One of our favourites is Kasbah just up from the sunset strip. It isn’t part of the big Mambo/Cafe del Mar chains. It offers a less crowded sunset experience with delicious food, fantastic service and an unrivaled view of that gorgeous Ibiza sunset.

kasbah ibiza with kids ibiza sunset sunset strip
Enjoying the beautiful Ibiza sunset at Kasbah.

With a flight time of just short of 2hrs Ibiza is a great location to take a family, you won’t regret it.

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