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Gruffalo Spotting in Salcey Forest

Gruffalo Spotting in Salcey Forest was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

As the mother of a certified Gruffalo obsessed three year old a trip to check out the latest Gruffalo offering was a dream come true. Unlike previous trails we’ve been to (Stick Man) this one combined nature and technology.

the_gruffalo world_book_day
The Gruffalo and Mouse Costume World Book Day 2017

You can find a full list of the Gruffalo Trials by clicking here. We picked Salcey Forest  for our Gruffalo Spotting adventure as it is only 10 miles from us and it didn’t disappoint.

Top Tips for Gruffalo Spotting:

  • Download the app ahead of time – signal can be hit and miss in the forest.
  • Charge your phone the app does use a lot of juice especially as you will want to take lots of pictures.
  • Activity Kit – if you have older children this is a nice extra especially as there are different cards per animal for my 3 year old it wasn’t worth it.
  • Bring a picnic and enjoy being in the great outdoors
gruffalo_spotter salcey_forest
Picnic Time
Gruffalo Spotting, gruffalo_spotter salcey_forest mouse
Mouse, Bilbo and Daddy










We followed the signs from the car park and immediately I started hovering my phone around like someone who had no clue what she was doing. Thankfully another mummy put me out of my misery and explained that you only need to hover the phone over the round discs with the animal on. The signs continue through the trial and we used them to keep tired legs going that little bit further “look another sign”.

Gruffalo Spotting gruffalo_spotter salcey_forest fox
Fox tickling Bilbos chin
gruffalo_spotter salcey_forest
Cheeky Gruffalo Fox







The team behind the Gruffalo Spotting have outdone themselves, once we knew how it worked it was seamless and seeing each character come to life was brilliant. Not only did they appear but they had so much personality which meant we could get some good pictures with a sense of humour.

I hope you enjoy Gruffalo spotting as much as we did and we can’t wait to try out another location soon…

gruffalo_spotter salcey_forest
Gruffalo Snake and Bilbo
gruffalo_spotter salcey_forest owl
Gruffalo Owl and Bilbo

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